Frequently asked Questions


"ANSWER"- The software was previously known as XBMC, or Xbox Media Centre, since that was the only system it was designed to run on.

But that has changed over the years, as the media player evolved, thanks to hundreds of coders across the globe tinkering with the software.

Since it first launched back in 2003, Kodi has been shaped by some 500 developers and 200 translators.

KODI is a free and open-source media player software developed by the KODI Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. 

KODI is available for multiple operating systems & hardware platforms. It plays digital media. TV (life and recorded), films, other video, music, podcasts, photos, slideshows games and applications . Also formerly known as "XBMC" (Xbox Media Center) 


The Media BOX uses the internet as it's primary function, if you don't have a connection to the internet you cannot stream the content it is meant for. (Although if you have a storage device such as a USB flash drive or storage on the device you could load it with your movies & other personal media to take it along with you on a camping trip or somewhere that has no internet access.) To Stream media especially any HD content you need a stable internet connection of 3 to 6 Megabits per second speed. The faster internet speed you have the better quality will be for viewing. Especially when viewing HD programming. You can test your internet speed here www.speedtest.net

Dial up and some internet sticks will not work well with a streaming media device. We recommend a HIGH speed cable, fibre optic or ds, ads connection.


In General, a wired (Ethernet) is always the best choice because a direct connection does not suffer from any interference that Wi-Fi connections are subjected to. The speed of a direct cable connection is always faster and more stable than any Wi-Fi connection.

If your broadband router in the same room as your TV then you can connect it directly to your device via a cable. If your Broadband router is in another room or even another floor then you can use Wi-Fi or our Home network kits which will give you a wired connection.


ANSWER-  "NO"! Just a one time purchase price of our media box.

Just plug it in and start unlimited streaming, games and more! 

-You can however subscribe to an iptv service provided by other companies at a small monthly fee like net flix operates.


"ANSWERS" - All our Media Boxes come with a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects and the software we install.  With every Purchase we offer 2 software upgrade credits for the first year, additional credits can be purchased online in store. At thetvboxman we offer up to 2 years additional warranty. (only available at the original time of purchase). Remember your family now,  we have you covered.


For more information about our warranty click here!


"ANSWER #1"-  All our Media boxes come with an HDMI cable to transfer audio and video to your TV. If your TV only has an AV connection such as a CRT TV you can buy an adapter to convert it from HDMI to AV. 

"ANSWER # 2" Each TV will require its own Media box, although it is possible to set up a "share server" to use on another smart TV. 


"Flashing a ROM" (basically means) to load a different version of the Android OS.  A ROM is the full Android OS customized by the Box MFG usually to make it faster & provide  new features. 

In order to flash a ROM you may first have to root your device.

(Depending on what device you have the rooting method will be different though. Personally We suggest reading up on your device.) 

PLEASE NOTE: flashing your device may leave it unusable or cause permanent damage. THETVBOXMAN will not warranty your item if you brick your device or update it on your own.


- Can I get live TV channels?

"Answer" - Yes. However live channels requires someone to run and pay for a server to serve these 24/7. This makes live channels unpredictable. Most times you can get many live channels and we have the apps installed to access all entertainment available through kodi. Anyone that gives you the impression that you have access to all channels is not being honest.  

- Can I purchase online & get the same product you are selling?  

"ANSWER" - YES! You can purchase the same box and possibly for cheaper because it costs us more to ship larger quantities. But you will not get the programming, you will have to program yourself. And who are you going to call when you need support? We are also the only company world wide that gives you 2 free programming credits. The average cost to reprogram a media box is $25 to $30 

Why is this movie low quality?

 Some movies that are still in theaters may be in very low quality which are labeled cams.  These were recorded in theaters and we don't recommend watching these low quality streams. We suggest waiting for the HD copy to  be released. 

 It says "swipe down from top" How do i get this message off?

Use your mouse pad to put the mouse pointer over the "ok". Now tap twice on mouse pad to hit the "ok" and it will be removed from the screen.  

 Why is my remote not working? 

Take out the USB receiver out of the TV box. Plug it fully into USB port on the TV Box. Make sure to turn the remote on.   Still not working, take the battery out and switch usb ports again. Reinsert battery and turn remote back on.  Make sure the remote is charged.  

Why does it say "No Stream Available?

This  means there was no file source available for the movie or show you selected. Newer movies may not have digital copies available yet. Some TV shows may not have files because they not popular enough.  Trying other Kodi Apps like Covenant, BoB Unlimited, & Elisium to locate the movie/show you are looking for.  

Why is My movie buffering?

Buffering is usually caused by slow internet speed.  However, if your internet speed is above 10 MBPS and you still have buffering, you need to choose another link. The file you selected could be on a server with heavy traffic or is not strong enough to provide quality playback. 


Add-ons are like apps that developers write code and scripts to connect us to various websites and servers around the world.

 Exodus, Covenant, Elysium, MIC, BOB Unleashed. These are your search engine  add-ons listed above.  Think of them as search engines like YAHOO, GOOGLE, and BING.  By selecting a movie or a TV show, the addon/app scans the internet for video files for the title selected.   The scan searches and scrapes websites from all over the world to find video files.  When selecting a Movie provider link, choose the first one on the list.  Exodus will auto scan down the list to find a playable video file.  The scan could stop on the 6th file but may not play or buffers immediately.  If this happens, exit the movie and choose the next link or the 7th link.  The auto scan will begin down the list again.Also, try to pay attention to which provider link names work best and use those same file names for the next episode.  Some Movie/TV Providers are located on better/faster servers than other ones.  The faster the server, the better the playback. 


By purchasing any of these products, you understand and agree that all content available online is accessed through multi-pal 3rd party streaming sources including but not limited to services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. Their continued accessibility is dependent on those 3rd parties who maintain or provide access to content, and as such, no guarantee of availability, reliability, or quality can be made by the tvboxman or Trusted Ventures. We do not own, host or distribute any content accessed & we assume no responsibility or liability for the purchaser's personal or commercial usage of their device. Any warranty provided by our companies is strictly hardware only. All Our Media boxes are set to not allow downloads directly to the unit, you will have to search the internet on how to enable the feature, just remember it is illegal to download copyright content in Canada.