What is a Media Box?


Our (TV) Boxes allow a user a wide range of uses from surfing the web, online gaming to streaming video straight to your TV.

These small boxes can turn most any TV into the smartest smart TV with a wide range of options.

 Most people use them to stream movies or TV shows from their favorite streaming sites that come pre installed. 

Access your unlimited movies, games, TV shows and all for Free with no monthly costs.


How Does It Work? 

Our Media box is connected to your TV and setup to the internet via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

After the Media box is connected to a TV, and the internet, simply open the Kodi application from the main screen & select what you want to watch.

 Android is the Operating System our boxes use.  like Windows or iOS. 


Our (TV) boxes can output HDMI to a TV giving it 4KHD viewing ability. 

They also can use a remote control, keyboard, game controller or mouse for input.


What can our Media Box Do?

They are mainly used to stream video content to owners allowing them to watch their favorite TV shows, play games and movies on demand.

 While that is their main use they can also do most anything a standard computer can do.  Apps can be installed from Google Play Store that can do most anything that can be thought of.

 A very large variety of apps can be installed that can do everything from creating a document, to checking the weather.

 What Type Of Boxes are Available? 

Units come in all shapes, sizes, and pricing formats.

 Like all things computer related better hardware is introduced constantly from many manufactures.

 Low cost budget boxes are available along with high-end units packed with the latest fastest hardware.

 All our (TV) Boxes come with the identical software. This helps us to help you with fast support.

 AT THE TVBOXMAN we brand our boxes we approve so we don't  sell anything we cant back.

 Which Media box is right for you very much depends on what fits your need and price range.The best way to see what is best for you is to figure out what you need and want vs price. If your not sure the best way to find out is to try our Suggested entry level box.


Android Media boxes are here to stay and are a nice fit into any home entertainment center.

 Android smartphone users will have no problem quickly moving about the interface and finding what they want.

 As with any computer those that are new may have a slight learning curve as to how things work.

Low-end units are popular since they are cheap and a nice place for many to feel comfortable starting with. 

  THE TVBOXMAN offers in home setup, a short demonstration to get you going & delivery within the Perimeter of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada for as low as $40

 If you have never used at (TV)Box before than having some technical support with setup and delivery may be best.

 Reading our reviews and watching our YouTube videos on the different units available is best to see which one would fit your needs.

 Also keep in mind the wireless chip the box offers. Streaming video over Wi-Fi can be challenging at times even with good equipment. Running a wired Ethernet cable is always best but sometimes not feasible. If you do need to use Wi-Fi be sure to read how well it streams video content over a wireless setup. If your using wireless we recommend a dual 5GHZ (TV)Box. 

Check out the gallery below of how our system looks.